Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, Mdina

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

Palazzo Falson is the second oldest structure still standing in Mdina, parts of which date back to the 13th century.  In 1927 the Palazzo was bought by Olof Frederick Gollcher OBE (1889–1962), who was very concerned with the conservation of the cultural heritage of our islands.  An artistic man himself, Gollcher was a passionate collector of objets d’art, whose collections included paintings, silver, furniture, jewellery, oriental rugs and armoury, among others.  Gollcher wanted his house to be preserved with its contents as a museum open to the general public, and in his will he left instructions for the setting up of a foundation bearing his name that was to carry out this wish.  Following a five-year intensive restoration exercise, Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum opened its doors to the public in May 2007, and has already established itself as one of Malta’s foremost cultural attractions.  To visit Palazzo Falson’s website click here.

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Palazzo Falson, Facade Palazzo Falson, The Entrance Hallway Palazzo Falson, The Courtyard Palazzo Falson, Detail of Fountain Palazzo Falson, The Refectory Palazzo Falson, The Kitchen Palazzo Falson, The Oven in the Kitchen Palazzo Falson, The Armoury Palazzo Falson, The Studio Palazzo Falson, The Sitting Room Palazzo Falson, The Dining Room Table Palazzo Falson, The Library Palazzo Falson, The Chapel Palazzo Falson, The Carpet Gallery
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