The Silver of Malta

From: 31/03/1995 To: 30/04/1995

Late 18th Century Silver Covered Jug (Palazzo Falson Collection)One of the most spectacular exhibitions organised by Patrimonju was undoubtedly The Silver of Malta, which was set up in The Throne Room of The Palace in Valletta.
With the arrival in Malta of the Knights of the Order St John, and a flourishing in the building of churches, palaces and patrician homes, an emerging Maltese industry started producing some of Europe's finest wares to endow and adorn these buildings.  This exhibition attracted international interest, and successfully combined the evolution of silver craftsmanship in Malta with an insight into the art of civilised living.
This exhibition highlighted over 400 years of Maltese domestic silver, and consisted of more than 1,500 outstanding items, some of which were of particular historical interest.  One of the exceptional displays within this exhibition featured a typical table set for a banquet in one of the Auberges of the Knights. 
Apart from the exhibition catalogue, for this occasion Patrimonju also published Silver and Banqueting in Malta, a collection of essays featuring silver-related themes.


Silver Holy Oil Flasks (Palazzo Falson Collection) Coffee Pot, c.1690 (Private Collection) The Silver of Malta Exhibition Maltese Early 19th Century Silver Sugar Basin (Palazzo Falson Collection) The Manoel de Vilhena Dish, c.1722 (Private Collection) 18th Century Silver Flatware (Palazzo Falson Collection) The Troisi Dish, Early 18th Century (Private Collection) Coffee Pot, 1723 (Private Collection) The Silver of Malta Exhibition The Silver of Malta Exhibition The Silver of Malta Exhibition The Silver of Malta Exhibition
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