Who We Are

Map engraved by Matthias Seutter after Nicolas de Fer (Albert Ganado Collection)Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (Maltese Heritage Foundation) was set up in January 1992 by a small group of individuals who were passionate about the islands’ cultural heritage, and concerned about its welfare.  It is a non-profit making organisation with the aim of spreading awareness of the island’s extensive heritage locally and internationally, through museums, exhibitions and publications.
Early on in the Foundation’s life it was decided that its aim would be best reached through the organisation of exhibitions of notable interest, with objets d’art from private collections that have never been previously viewed publicly.  This is where Patrimonju's forte lies, in its ability to bring together these hidden treasures, staging them professionally in sumptuous surroundings, and making them accessible to the viewing public.
Patrimonju has already earned an enviable reputation for the spectacular exhibitions it has already organised in its relatively short existence.


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