Volume 10 Issue 1

Christmas 2003, Vol.X No.1


The Maltese Orange
Alain Blondy outlines the history of the orange which played an important part in the economic life of 18th century Malta

A Drawing by Filippo Paladini discovered?
Giovanni Bonello identifies a charcoal and ink sketch attributed to Paladini

16th Century Dances and Masquerades
Anna Borg Cardona reveals intriguing details about dances introduced by the Knights of St John

From the Albert Ganado Collection

Images of Death in Early Modern Painting in Malta
Mario Buhagiar shows how the fear of, and fascination with death in the early modern period is reflected in paintings in Maltese collections

The Kelb tal-Fenek, Past, Present and Future
Charlotte de Trafford delves into the origins of the kelb tal-fenek

Faces in the City
By Nigel Bianco and David Pisani

Paintings of the Great Siege at the Chateau de la Cassagne
Anne Crostwaith takes us on a tour of the Salles des Chevaliers

Superb Views of Malta in 1736
Alfred Bonnici discovers splendid paintings of Malta by Alessandro Grevenbroch

The XXIV International Eucharist Congress – 1913
Maurice Micallef Eynaud looks at the events which lead to Malta being chosen to stage the Eucharistic Congress of 1913

Cafa' Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts

A Window on History from the Seabed
Timmy Gambin discusses the underwater archaeological excavations carried out in Dockyard Creek

Malta Views on Sale in London

The Busuttil Collection: A Diary of a 19th Century Artist
Donatella Coniglio evaluates the artistic value of a collection of paintings by Salvatore Busuttil

Wall Drawings at the Main Guard

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