Histories of Malta - Reflections and Rejections, Vol.5

Histories of Malta - Reflections and Rejections, Vol.5

Title: Histories of Malta - Reflections & Rejections, Vol.5
Author Giovanni Bonello
Date 2004
Pages 233
Illustrations 125 col., 34 b/w
ISBN 99932-10-31-5 (hard cover) / 99932-10-32-3 (soft cover)
Price € 41.80 (hard cover)

In this fifth instalment of Histories of Malta, Giovanni Bonello once again captivates us with his exciting and informative collection of articles.  Starting with the use and abuse of opium in Malta, this brilliantly-written book of 14 articles takes us on a journey that weaves through knights in slavery, the Maltese gallarija and bones in Valletta and Floriana, to mention but a few.  Another interesting article tells of a drawing attributed to Filippo Paladini curiously discovered on the back of a sketch by Mattia Preti.  A historical introduction to the Maltese civil code is given in the eleventh article, whereas in the last article, Bonello discusses Cynthia de Giorgio’s book The Image of Triumph and the Knights of Malta.
Giovanni Bonello is a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He writes extensively on human rights, art and history. He is also a frequent contributor to Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti’s Treasures of Malta.


  • Use and Abuse of Opium in Maltese History (p.9)
  • Freedom of Expression under the Grand Masters (p.29)
  • Knights in Slavery (p.57)
  • The Persona and Deaths of Sixteenth Century Grand Masters (p.86)
  • But Who Was Caterina Vitale? (p.108)
  • A Drawing by Filippo Paladini Discovered? (p.127)
  • Fra Giorgio Nibbia and the Church that Vanished (p.134)
  • Mysteries of the Maltese Gallarija (p.148)
  • Censu Barbara – Dauntless or Renegade? (p.162)
  • The Lives of Bishop Francesco Saverio Caruana (p.179)
  • The Maltese Civil Code – A Brief Historical Introduction (p.190)
  • Bones: In Valletta and Floriana (p.198)
  • D.H. Lawrence, Maurice Magnus and Malta (p.216)
  • The Boast of Heraldry, the Pomp of Pow’r (p.239)
  • Provenance (p.247)
  • Index (p.249)

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