Art in Malta - Discoveries & Recoveries

Art in Malta - Discoveries & Recoveries

Title Art in Malta - Discoveries & Recoveries
Author Giovanni Bonello
Date 2000
Pages 238
Illustrations 174 col., 51 b/w
ISBN 99909-959-7-4 (hard cover) / 99909-959-8-2 (soft cover)
Price Out of Print

New insights into Malta's artistic treasures have been dug up by one of Malta's eminent art historians and presented in this publication.
The book contains 34 articles on subjects that delve into different branches of art, sculpture and architecture.  The author offers a mixture of new material and information which he has already published.  The articles vary from studies on the artwork of the coins of Simon Provost, an attribution to Antonio Lazi for the magnificent wooden lectern of St John's Co-Cathedral, the last days of Mederico Blondel, Mattia Preti and many more.  Through Bonello's publication several lacunae have been filled, thus contributing to a clearer picture of Malta's multi-faceted history.
Giovanni Bonello is a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.  He writes extensively on human rights, art, history and postal history topics.


  • The Malta ‘Botticelli’ Mystery Solved (p.9)
  • The True Identity of the Oldest ‘St Joseph’ in Malta (p.13)
  • The Palace ‘Neptune - A Portrait of Andrea Doria by Leone Leoni (p.17)
  • The Sculptor Simon Provost in Malta - New Attributions (p.26)
  • Simon Provost - A Sequel (p.35)
  • The Old Auberge de Castille, 1573 (p.41)
  • Antonino Lazi from Piacenza, Sculptor at St John’s (p.44)
  • The Vanished Piazzas of Valletta (p.51)
  • Girolamo Cassar’s Sons - Vittorio and Gabriele (p.55)
  • The Last Day of Mederico Blondel, Architect (p.61)
  • Mattia Preti - His Houses in Malta (p.69)
  • Mattia Preti - Painting for a Murderer and Other Stories (p.73)
  • Mattia Preti - An Unknown Biography? (p.81)
  • Engravings by and after, Mattia Preti (p.85)
  • Mattia Preti - The Exhumation of His Remains (p.99)
  • François Bachelieu - A French Architect who lived in Malta (p.103)
  • The Melancholy Death of Romano Carapecchia, Architect - A New Attribution (p.107)
  • Pietro Paolo Troisi - The Quest for a Gifted Sculptor (p.112)
  • Andrea Belli - New Contributions (p.125)
  • Andrea Belli - A Sequel (p.131)
  • Grand Master Pinto’s Majolica Factory, 1742 (p.143)
  • Antoine Favray, The Man (p.149)
  • Art and Symbols in St John’s Tombstones (p.160)
  • Attributions to Lorenzo Gafa’ and the Cachias (p.171)
  • Charles Allingham - “A Distinguished Artist” who Settled in Malta (p.178)
  • Charles Allingham - A Sequel (p.195)
  • Owen Stanley - A Celebrated Explorer and Amateur Artist in Malta, 1831 (p.203)
  • The Maltese Adveture of George French Angas (p.207)
  • Girolamo Gianni, The Narrative Painter (p.213)
  • 5,000 Years of Architecture in Malta (p.220)
  • Giuseppe Calleja - An Intelligent, Ill-Fated Artist (p.223)
  • Malta in the Caricature of the Napoleonic Era (p.225)
  • Schranz - Three Generations of Art (p.226)
  • Index (p.231) 

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