Volume 3 Issue 1

Christmas 1996, Vol.III No.1


"San Antonio, Beloved House!"
Albert E Abela traces the story of the presidential country residence in Attard

Early Malta Postcard Fever
Giovanni Bonello outlines the history of rare old postcards

The Retable of St Paul from Mdina Cathedral
Joanna Lace researches the 15th century Polyptych and uncovers its Italian dimension

Colourful History of the Maltese Bureau
Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef examine the beauty of the 18th century bureau

A Grecian Architecture Revival: General Whitmore's Achievement
David Boswell reviews a book listing General Whitmore's contribution to architecture

The Cabreo of the Fondazione Manoel
Conrad Thake looks at the Foundation set up in 1724 to provide for Fort Manoel

Some Old Chapels in the Maltese Countryside
Anne Crosthwait and Cecily Napier visit some delightful wayside chapels

Above Caravaggio: The Massacre of the Knights at Fort St Elmo
John Azzopardi and David Stone describe a baroque painting formerly in St John's Oratory, Valletta

A Modello for Masucci's Martyrdom of St Barbara
Keith Sciberras discovers, in Rome, the modello for a painting in a Capuchin Church in Malta

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