Volume 3 Issue 2

Easter 1997, Vol.III No.2


Illuminated Choral Books of L'Isle Adam
Martina Caruana brings to life 16th century manuscripts in St John's Museum

Malta in Napoleonic Caricature
Albert Ganado and Joseph Sammut look at some striking political cartoons

Dürer at the Mdina Cathedral Museum
John Azzopardi evaluates the famous Dürer collection

A Tailor & his Client and a Lady and her Purchases
Nicholas de Piro takes us to the tailor and on a shopping spree in 18th century Malta

Hidden Treasures by Mattia Preti
John T Spike makes important discoveries in Rabat, Lija and ┼╗abbar

Evolution of the Maltese Chest of Drawers
Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef relate the story of the elegant chest of drawers

Origins of the Flemish Tapestries
Michael Shaw traces the provenance of the tapestries in St John's

The Golden Age of Armour
Robert Attard examines impressive pieces of armour at the Palace

Cappella Ardente
Lorenzo Zahra describes hidden treasures in the Chapel of Bartolott

Long and Varied History of the Humble Pressing Iron
Guido Lanfranco relates the story of the iron in the Maltese Islands

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