Volume 3 Issue 3

Summer 1997, Vol.III No.3


The Castle at Verdala
Albert E Abela takes us to the Grand Master's 16th century palace at Buskett

Emvin Cremona (1919-1987)
Emmanuel Fiorentino examines one of Malta's foremost 20th century artists

The Hypogeum - A Structural Masterpiece
Anthony Pace describes one of the wonders of the world

Paintings of the Virgin of the Rosary
Cynthia de Giorgio analyses paintings of the "Rosary Madonna"

The Dghajsa and the Luzzu
Joseph Muscat looks at the characteristic Maltese boats

Panel Paintings of the Passion
Gerald Bugeja reviews an exhibition held at the Cathedral Museum, Mdina

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef write about Maltese mirrors

Visitors Describe Art Treasures in Malta
Thomas Freller lists some visitors who came to look at our art treasures in years gone by

Old Trades and Crafts
Guido Lanfranco on the Folklore Museum at G─žarb, Gozo

Stately Homes
Lola Sammut visits an 18th century country house

Cultural Calendar - Valletta Pageant


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