Volume 7 Issue 1

Christmas 2000, Vol.VII No.1


Christmas Cribs in Malta
Pawlu Mizzi writes on the evolution of the Christmas crib from a devotional theme to an objet d'art

A Look into the Past: Street Hawkers
Giovanni Bonello takes a nostalgic look at the Street Hawkers of Malta

Sciortino Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum

Filippo Paladini: His Activities in Malta
Dominic Cutajar reviews the artistic activity of Filippo Paladini in Malta during the 16th Century

A Gift from Grand Master Lascaris

Decorative Flowers through the Ages
Guido Lanfranco gives an overview of the art of decorative flowers now undergoing a revival

From the Library of Richard Ellis

The Sanctuary of St Joseph in Rabat
Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef here describe the Chapel of St Joseph in St Mary of Jesus Church, Rabat, and it's historic Sanctuary

St James Cavalier
Ann Monsarrat reflects on the problems and pleasures of putting a historic building to new use

The Armoury at the Palace
Joseph Sammut gives a concise history of the Palace Armoury and highlights instances of pilfering and mismanagement

Sculpture in 15th and 16th Century Malta
Mario Buhagiar takes and incisive art historical view of sculpture in Malta in the 15th and 16th centuries

The Excavations at Tas-Silġ
Antonia Ciasca and Maria Pia Rossignani write on the excavations carried out by the Italian Archaeological Mission at Tas-Silġ

St Agatha Tower
Eric Parnis outlines the restoration work carried out by Din L-Art Helwa

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