Volume 7 Issue 2

Easter 2001, Vol.VII No.2


Pharmacies of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Paul Cassar researches the story of Pharmacies in Malta

16th Century Illuminated Manuscripts

Playing Cards with a Maltese Connection
Joseph Schiro' and John Thorpe uncover some little known playing cards with a Maltese connection

Sciortino's Les Gavroches Restored

Mementos of the past: Occupations which are no more
Giovanni Bonello recalls with nostalgia various activities that are now a thing of the past

The Chalice of Grand Master L'Isle Adam in Rabat
Paul Hetherington looks at a beautiful 16th Century chalice made in Paris, now in St Paul's Grotto in Rabat

Treasures at St Paul's Shipwrecked Church
Emmanuel Fiorentino guides us round the treasures in one of the prime churches in Valletta

Sculpture by Vincent Apap

Ship Graffiti in Malta
Joseph Muscat writes about the numerous graffiti of ships that are to be found in Malta

The Maltese Falcon: Falconry in Malta 1239-1500
Stanley Fiorini examines documents relating to falconry in Malta in the Middle Ages

Armour at Palazzo Falson
Robert Attard takes us on a tour of the armour at Norman House

The Roman Villa at San Pawl Milqi: History and Perspectives of an archaeological site
David Locatelli traces the history of the archaeological site at San Pawl Milqi

Decorative Marble
Joseph Galea-Naudi describes a 17th century table with an intricate marble top

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