Volume 7 Issue 3

Summer 2001, Vol.VII No.3


Vilhena Statue Restored

The Columnar Cross in Howard Gardens
Mario Buhagiar discusses the unique art historical significance of the monument outside Mdina's main gate

The Dormition of the Virgin at the Cathedral Museum Mdina
Joanna Lace researches the story of an ancient panel at the Cathedral Museum Mdina

From the Albert Ganado Collection

Maltese Ships and Shipowners
Victor Wickman looks at some Maltese ships and shipowners of the 19th century

Events of Yesteryear
Giovanni Bonello in his third article looking at the past, describes events which are now only memories

The Madonnas of Europe

A Beacon to Guide Sailors
William Soler traces the history of the St Elmo lighthouse in the scientific age

Memorabilia of the Great War
Robert Attard pinpoints some relics of the Great War

Works by Esprit Barthet

The Maltese Language
Charles Briffa writes authoritatively about the Maltese Language

Sights and Sounds of 19th Century Valletta
Anna Borg Cardona takes us back on a voyage to 19th century Valletta

Leonetti's Six Fingered Eunuch
Paul Cassar writes about a strange physical anomaly

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