Volume 8 Issue 1

Christmas 2001, Vol.VIII No.1


Algardi's Christ the Saviour

How Fort St Elmo survived the Siege for so long
Quentin Hughes examines the reasons for Fort St Elmo's defiance

Early post-Muslim Art and Architecture
Mario Buhagiar analyses the first artistic manifestations of a Western European culture after the Muslim period

Patrimonju to manage Palazzo Falson

Patrimonju Exhibition of Sicilian Ceramics

An Altarpiece of St Peter martyr and the two recently discovered drawings by Mattia Preti
John T Spike writes of a little known painting in the sacristy of St Publius, Floriana; and two drawings by Mattia Preti recently discovered in the National Library

Works by Gabriel Caruana

The Figurehead of HMS Hibernia
Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez traces the history of the figurehead of a famous ship

The Archangel Michael
Joanna Lace writes about an ancient panel in the Mdina Cathedral Museum which may have formed part of an altarpiece

Beautiful Door Knockers

His Motto was Duty
Moira Bishop writes on an English naval architect who left a lasting mark on Malta

Some Thoughts on the Temple Age
Alexander Welsh takes a fresh look at Malta's prehistory

The Church of St Catherine of Italy
Emmanuel Fiorentino describes the architectural and artistic beauty of St Catherine of Italy church in Valletta

Recent Discoveries and the Archaeology of Mdina
Nathaniel Cutajar assesses the archaeology of Mdina in the light of recent discoveries

Cali Mural at the Salesian Theatre

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