Volume 10 Issue 2

Easter 2004, Vol.X No.2


How Europe has grown since 1954

European Art in Malta
Emmanuel Fiorentino takes a look at the artistic ties between Malta and the rest of Europe throughout the ages

Master Drawings and Etchings in Mdina

St Paul’s Shipwreck in European Art
John Azzopardi reveals the extent to which the shipwreck of St Paul in Malta in AD 60 has been depicted through many artistic mediums

The Cultural and Artistic Legacy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
John Critien gives an overview of the cultural and artistic legacy left by the Sovereign Military Order and the role of the Order today

St George in Art

Malta and France
Alain Blondy highlights the sometimes tempestuous relations between Malta and France which began with the arrival of the Knights of Malta in 1530

The Langue of England in Vittoriosa
Lorenzo Zahra examines the role played by the English Knights of the Order of Malta and the premature demise of the Langue of England

Saying it with Flowers

The Picture Book of St Anthony
Joanna Lace examines this book with particular attention to the choice of colour used in the illustrations

From the Albert Ganado Collection

The Lost Chapel of Bones
Giovanni Bonello clears up some misconceptions on the now demolished Chapel of Bones which once stood on the outskirts of Valletta

Naval Mess Plates and Bowls
Bill O’Brien explains some interesting facts about the origins of naval mess plates used during the British period in Malta

The Old Carmelite Church of the Annunciation
Serafin Abela describes the old church of the Annunciation and the Carmelite convent at Il-Lunzjata on the outskirts of Rabat

Emma Hamilton and the Malta Connection
Moira Bishop writes about Emma Hamilton’s colourful life and her likely influence on the course of history

100 Years of Heritage

The Forgotten Queen Adelaide of England
Greta Begley praises Queen Adelaide for her endearing qualities and thinks she deserves more credit than is normally attributed to her

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