Do you know these people?

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti’s forthcoming exhibition of works by Edward Caruana Dingli, is in its final planning stages.  Apart from producing some of Malta’s most famous folkloristic works, Caruana Dingli was also the most accomplished portrait painter of his time, and a great number of portraits by him will be showing at this exhibition.  Among these are a few of which the identity of the sitter is not known, and Patrimonju is therefore here appealing for any information about any of the persons depicted below.

Patrimonju is also looking
for any photographs of
Mrs Olga Galea Naudi,
who was often depicted by
the artist.

Should you have any information about the above which you would like to contribute, could you kindly contact us at, or on 2123 1515.

Patrimonju is looking for volunteers to help out for the duration of the exhibition.  Kindly contact Angela Ghirxi on 2123 1515 for more details.

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