Volume 16 Issue 2

Volume 16 Issue 2


La Sfessania ‘Quel ballo a la Maltese’
Anna Borg Cardona has discovered the existence in the 16th century of a dance said to be of Maltese origin, a dance illustrated in etchings of the great French artist Jacques Callot, and she writes of the possible relationship to other dances popular at the time

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

The Restoration of St Cathaldus Chapel, Rabat
Conrad Thake gives s short history of the ancient chapel and describes the recent restoration of its exterior

In search of ancient ramparts of Rabat, Gozo
A pioneer study by Godwin Vella of the history of Rabat’s (Gozo) ancient fortifications and the still existing traces of them

From the Albert Ganado Collection

A Saint’s promise retrieved and restored
The second in a series of essays on fine arts conservation by Pierre Bugeja of PrevArti.

Fra Carlo Valdina and his house in Valletta
Giovanni Bonello writes about a little known and badly-behaved knight of the Order of the 16th-17th centuries who could have been Grand Master, and who built a five storey house in Valletta which is now being restored

Jean-Jacques Barthélemy and his ‘Malta-instructions’ for Jean Hoüel
Thomas Freller shows how the advice of the great French scholar Barthélemy enabled the artist Jean Hoüel to make his visit to Malta in 1777 very fruitful

Arabic Erotic Literature and Malta Fāris Al-Shidyāq’s Novel
Simon Mercieca writes on one of the  most notable authors and journalists in the 19th century Arabic journalism, Fāris Al-Shidyāq, who spent several years working in Malta, and wrote about it

The Care of Photographic Material

Giuseppe Bonnici’s drawing extant in Malta of a Macchina de’ Fuochi
Albert Ganado provides an interesting sequel, or prequel, to William Zammit, article in our Christmas 2009 issue about a Macchina de’ Fuochi, by publishing a drawing of a macchina with a resemblance to the one publishied by Zammit, made by Giuseppe Bonnici in 1758.

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