Scent Bottles Exhibition at Palazzo Falson

Scent BottlesLater on this year, Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum will put up the third in a series of exhibitions which aim to shine a light on little known areas of the decorative arts.  Following on from the Whistles and Pipes exhibitions of the past two years, the next exhibition will showcase Scent Bottles loaned from various private collections.

Perfume has been used since ancient times by various cultures throughout the world, and is today mass produced for commercial sale.  The history behind the little bottles and containers made to hold this luxurious fragrance promises to uncover fascinating stories of ritual, religion, medicine and human vanity through the ages.

Owners of scent bottles of any period and origin, or of other related items which could be included in this exhibition, are invited to contact the exhibition co-ordinator Lisa Attard on 21231515 or at  This exhibition is being guest curated by Joseph Galea Naudi, and will be held around Autumn/Winter 2011.

Any loan will naturally be treated with the strictest confidence.

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