Summer Issue of Treasures of Malta out now


The picturesque grounds of Ville Frere, Pieta: Malta's once-iconic answer to the English landscape garden
Edward Said retraces the legacy of Villa Frere, the brainchild of the high-flying early nineteenth-century personality, John Hookham Frere

Treasures from the National Library
Maroma Camilleri

Toni Pace (1930-1989): A forgotten pioneer of Maltese modern sculpture
Clint Calleja introduces us to the ground-breaking works of this innovative artist

La Madonna del Buon Viaggio and the Fort St Elmo lighthouse: Two iconographic images in a painting at Bormla Parish Church
Simon Mercieca brings to our attention a little-known painting that following its restoration has been attributed to Francesco Zahra

The screen print Point of Contact no.17 - 'What is the object out there?' (1973-74) by Victor Pasmore: A recent donation to the National Museum of Fine Arts
Charlene Muscat

An enigmatic portrait of Leonora Cybo at Palazzo Falson
Roberta Cruciata uncovers the story of this extraordinary noblewoman

Mattia Preti's The Allegory of the Triumph of the Order
Cynthia de Giorgio recounts details of Preti's majestic lunette painting at St John's Co-Cathedral, and its restoration

My Favourite Object
Joseph Zammit Tabona

The National War Museum at Lower Fort St Elmo
Charles Debono


A failed enterprise in Gozo: The Clockmaker's Saltworks
David Dandria narrates the fascinating tale of a hapless clockmaker whose unsucessful endeavour made him notorious

From the Albert Ganado Collection

Cultural Calendar
Cecilia Xuereb

Diary of Events

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