Xlendi and its Ancient Shipwrecks

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Title Xlendi and its Ancient Shipwrecks 
Authors John Woods 
Date 2014 
Pages 216 
ISBN 978-99909-3-190-7 
Price € 32

This book, Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum’s first, is published in association with Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, and  describes the 1961 survey of the Xlendi wrecks which was led by John Woods, at the time a physics undergraduate and President of the Underwater Club at Imperial College London. He then spent the subsequent ten summers combining science and diving for the Royal Navy in Malta.

The narrative is complemented by original colour underwater photographs taken during the survey. The links to Palazzo Falson are strong as Olof Frederick Gollcher, who owned and lived in the Palazzo for many years of his life, was instrumental in enabling and guiding, together with the then Malta National Museum, this pioneering underwater exploration.



The Mystery (p.30)
Haven and Village (p.11)
Looking back in time (p.35)
The Xlendi Story (p.55)

Part II  - Shipwrecks

Discovery and exploration (p.63)
Mapping (p.85)
Recovering artefacts (p.99)
A Roman ship's last voyage (p.119)


The amphorae (p.133)
Analysis (p.147)
Amphorae in Xlendi Bay (p.159)
The next fifty years (p.171)


The Imperial College Expedition (p.177)
Fifty years on (p.197)

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