A Timeless Gentleman: Festschrift in honour of Maurice de Giorgio

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Title A Timeless Gentleman: Festschrift in honour of Maurice de Giorgio 
Authors Various 
Date 2014 
Pages 447 
ISBN 978-99909-3-189-1 
Price € 60


Foreword: ‘Thieves of Time’
Giovanni Bonello (p.1)

Part 1 - A Man like Maurice

Ambling down Memory Lane
Michael Refalo (p.7)

3 Citadels for Maurice
Richard England (p.13)

A Valued Accidental Friendship
Michael Frendo (p.17)

Kissed by the Muses
Nicholas de Piro (p.21)

Part 2 - Art, Architecture and Archaeology

Poses and Postures: Portraits at The Palace, Valletta
Bernadine Scicluna (p.41)

A Very Brief History of Art Collecting in Early Modern Malta
Theresa Vella (p.55)

La Cassière’s Palace Complex: The Sixteenth-century Origins of the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta
Jevon Vella (p.65)

Insularity and the Emergence of Complex Social and Religious Systems in Prehistoric Malta: The Artistic Indicators
Anthony Bonanno (p.83)

Encounters with Mediterranean Island Aesthetics: Malta’s Prehistoric Art and Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti
Anthony Pace (p.95)

Sigismondo Dimech between Trieste and Malta 
Mario Buhagiar (p.103)

Baroque in Valletta
Denis De Lucca (p.113)

Drawings of Valletta in the Albertina Museum, Vienna
Roger Vella Bonavita (p.123)

Caravaggio and Preti: Rare Engravings of their Paintings
Albert Ganado (p.131)

A Bust Monument by Giuseppe Valenti in St Paul’s Church, Rabat, Malta 
John Azzopardi (p.151)

Some Armorial Silver in Malta 
Adrian Strickland (p.159

The Discovery of a Rare Matteo Perez d’Aleccio Copperplate of the Great Siege of Malta
Joseph Schirò (p.171)

The Lost Mace of the Cathedral Chapter 
Edgar Vella (p.183)

The Portrait of a Man with a Dog at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta
Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez (p.189)

The Allegories of Truth and Time at St John’s Co-Cathedral
Cynthia de Giorgio (p.197)

‘More than meets the eye...’: Observations on the Mattia Preti Quadricentennial Exhibitions of 2013
John T. Spike (p.207)

Nineteenth-century Opera Costume Designs at the Manoel Theatre
Vicki Ann Cremona (p.215)

Architecture on Demand: Efforts to Preserve Malta’s Architectural Drawings
Charles J. Farrugia and Melissa Glass (p.225)

Seeking Solace in the Mediterranean: Architect Basil Spence in Malta
Conrad Thake (p.241)

Part 3 - History, Customs and Other Musings

Fel uardiae col sceber raba iesue vquiae: Sale of Plots of Land in Valletta, 1569
Stanley Fiorini (p.259)

12 ottobre 1516, il documento più antico conservato presso l’Archivio Nazionale di Malta
Joseph Amodio (p.271)

Examples of pre-1500 Chancery Scripts at the National Library of Malta 
Maroma Camilleri (p.281)

Men and their Jewels in Malta
Francesca Balzan (p.295)

Treasures of an Uditore: The 1759 Estate Inventory of Giuseppe Fabrizio Grech
John Varriano (p.305)

The Domestic Interior of a Prosperous Florentine Merchant in Sixteenth-century Birgu 
Joan Abela (p.313)

‘Abbas I, Shah of Persia, greets the Sultan of Malta’: A Diplomatic Initiative in Early Seventeenth-century Malta
Ann Williams (p.327)

Setting the Stage: Banquet for a Knight
Noel Buttigieg (p.333)

Malta and the Celebration of Victory over the Turks in the Siege of Vienna of 1683
Carmel Cassar (p.341)

Preparing for the Afterlife in Eighteenth-century Malta
Frans Ciappara (p.347)

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, the Order of St John and the Intellectual Avant-garde of the Eighteenth Century
Thomas Freller (p.353)

Stemming Vice: A Proposal for Hospitaller Virtuous Living in Ancien Régime Malta
William Zammit (p.365)

Resistance in Malta to the Risorgimento in 1862 
Cecilia Xuereb (p.373)

The Stolen Stones of the Victoria Lines
Stephen C. Spiteri (p.385)

Malta’s Importation and Sale of Musical Instruments and Musical Goods, 1800-1900 
Anna Borg Cardona (p.397)        

Malta before Yalta and after: Geopolitics, Strategy and Ideology
Henry Frendo (p.411)

On the Trail of The Maltese Falcon
Alan Borg (p.417)

The Swinging Sixties in Claustrophobic Malta: The Rise of Malta’s Mixed Youth Clubs
Noel D’Anastas (p.427)

Index (p.439)

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