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Nativity and Epiphany scenes in Books of Hours at the National Library, Valletta
Martina Caruana takes a look at the iconography of the Nativity and the Adoration of the Magi in a small but significant collection of books of hours that are amongst the interesting late Medieval and Renaissance treasures preserved at the National Library  

The Bronze and Iron Door at Our Lady of Damascus Church in Valletta
James Licari and Robert Cassar

Edward Bradford Medlycott's Watercolour Painting Book
Joe Sultana

The Proserpina Temple and the History of its Chrestion Inscription
Simon Mercieca lists and clarifies the information surrounding this famed inscription

On the track of an unknown eighteenth-century Maltese vedutista: Lazzaro Mallia
Albert Ganado introduces us to a new artist within the sphere of landscape painting in Malta

From the Albert Ganado Collection

Enrico Paulucci, Raffaele de Grada and Donato Frisia: Three Italian Modernists in 1932 Malta
Theresa Vella carries forward our series of pioneers of modern art in Malta by presenting the works of three visiting Italian artists and their impact on the emerging modernism in Maltese art

Sa Maison: A garden with a history
David Dandria narrates the fascinating story of this intriguing garden and its various elements

My Favourite Object
Richard Cachia Caruana 

The Impact of Photography on Edward and Robert Caruana Dingli
Caroline Tonna continues to elaborate on the connection between painting and photography, with the works of Edward and Robert Caruana Dingli as examples

More on Cali and Photography
Alfred Zahra de Domenico

Melitensia Curios
William Zammit

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