Valletta - Lost City: Memories of Places and Times, Vol. I

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Title Valletta - Lost City: Memories of Places and Times, Vol. I
Author Giovanni Bonello 
Date 2015 
Pages 359 
ISBN 978-99909-3-204-1 
Price € 80

Valletta - Lost City by Giovanni Bonello is a unique book that visually documents the Valletta that once was and no longer exists. Through about a thousand images, the Valletta that has changed so radically over the centuries lives again. The collection of antique paintings, engravings and photographs, many exclusive to this volume and never published before, all theme Valletta through the ages. 

This book is not only graphically lavish and a compelling exercise in nostalgia, but is fundamental to the understanding and appreciation of the dramatic evolution of the capital city.

Most of the images come from the collections of the author, but the impressive build-up is also augmented by others from private and public archives. This two-volume work, of which this is the first volume, is the result of decades-long research.


Introduction: Valletta - Lost City (p.1)

Life in Valletta (p.63)
Shops, Clubs, Hotels (p.81)
Royal Opera House, Theatres, Cinemas (p.115)
Transport, Railway, Lift (p.125)

Wartime (p.147)

City Gate, Lost Fortifications (p.175)

Kingsway, Merchants Street (p.197)
Main Guard, The Palace (p.249)
St John Street, St John's Co-Cathedral (p.271)

Events (p.285)

Index (p.355) 

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