Maltese Architecture 1900-1970: Progress and Innovations

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti's latest publication is Maltese Architecture 1900-1970: Progress and Innovations by Mark Geoffrey Muscat.

The twentieth century's architectural output was often a varied and eclectic one. The same may be said about Maltese architecture of that period, about which not a lot has been written so far. This book records in considerable detail the creative flair of a period running to almost seventy years leading up to Independence, and the immediate thereafter, throughout which architects, both Maltese and foreign, experimented successfully both with the aesthetics and with the novel construction methods which created the modern built environment in Malta. The text is illustrated with a large array of historical documents, plans, drawings and period photographs, as well as contemporary photographs, many of which were taken by the author himself.

Foreword (p.vii)
Denis de Lucca

Preface (p.ix)
Mark Geoffrey Muscat

Introduction (p.xi)

Chapter One - Art Nouveau Buildings (p.1)

Chapter Two - The Influence of Art Deco and Italian Futurism (p.24)

Chapter Three - The Fascist Interlude and Stile Littorio (p.44)

Chapter Four - New Ideas, New Materials, New Possibilities (p.64)

Chapter Five - Post-war Manifestations (p.88)

Chapter Six - Regionalist Experiments (p.130)

Bibliography (p.155)

Index (p.157)

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