Talk at the Victor Pasmore Gallery, 11 July 2017

'...An artist now has to create his own discipline; he has to find his own temperament. The thing that makes an original work of art is irrational and automatic and spontaneous. That's what makes a picture creative. That's why art schools can teach nothing.' 

(Victor Pasmore in an interview with Liz Jobey, 1985)

Victor Pasmore's non-figurative visual vocabulary had an undisputed effect in the world of abstract expression. His works spoke of a universal language that had no geographic boundaries. His teaching methods and approaches to art had an impact on Maltese artists before he even set foot on the island in 1966. Pasmore admired Maltese artists, sought their friendship and purchased their works. Prof. Joseph P. Cassar will discuss how Victor Pasmore's presence in Malta accelerated the adaption of abstract concepts by Maltese artists.

The lecture is free of charge, however kindly note that space is rather limited, so think ahead to avoid disappointment! 

Entrance to the gallery is through ─álormu Cassar Street (the road leading up to Castille Square).

The Victor Pasmore Gallery is managed by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Malta, the Victor Pasmore Foundation and Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, and is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

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