Special issue of Treasures of Malta commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Palazzo Falson

This summer's issue of Treasures of Malta celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the opening of Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum.


Olof Frederick Gollcher: The heart and soul of Palazzo Falson
Francesca Balzan discusses the private life of the man behind 'The Norman House'

Palazzo Falson: Ten Years Young
Francesca Balzan

Olof Frederick Gollcher and the International Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology
George E. Camilleri

Antique Silver at Palazzo Falson
Alaine Apap Bologna reviews one of the many wide-ranging splendid collections housed at the Museum

A Favourite Painting at Palazzo Falson
Martin Royalton-Kisch

The O.F. Gollcher Art & Archaeological Foundation and Palazzo Falson
Anthony Pace

The Tale of a Fan
Helene Alexander discusses the many delightful fans that decorate some of the rooms at Palazzo Falson

Captain Gollcher's Collection of Furniture
Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef highlight some of the outstanding and occasionally unique pieces of furniture housed at Palazzo Falson

Melitensia Curios
William Zammit

Il-Maltija - The Maltese National Country Dance
Anna Borg Cardona

The Carpet Collection
Jennifer Wearden examines the designs featured in the many exemplars that constitute this collection

The Watch Collection
David Thompson evaluates some of the key pieces within this collection 

The Collection of Arms and Armour of Olof Gollcher: Reviewing the collection twenty years later
Robert Attard revisits this unusual collection, about which he had already written in the past

Palazzo Falson's Coin Collection
Joseph C. Sammut reviews some of the interesting pieces in this collection
The Coats of Arms in the Sale Nobili of Palazzo Falson
Anthony Azzopardi 

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