Christmas Issue of Treasures of Malta out now


Joannes Gennadius and his collection of Maltese watercolours
Arnold Cassola uncovers an interesting selection of watercolours in a library in Athens

Melitensia Curios
William Zammit

Relics of the Maltese bands
Arnold Myers discusses Maltese-band brass instruments of the kind produced by British makers Boosey & Hawkes

Antonio Falzon and the fortress of Lichtenau: A story of talent, mastery and mystery
Thomas Freller highlights the relevance of this Maltese architect's fortification techniques

Rome - Malta - Corfu: An overlooked Pietro Paolo Caruana and other paintings at the Seat of the Order of St Michael and St George in Corfu
Kassiani Kagouridi establishes a connection between paintings in Corfu and ones within the collection of The Palace in Valletta

The Mediterranean Industries weaving workshop in Qormi: Jean Cocteau-designed tapestries woven in Malta
Joseph Borg presents us with a surprising and unusual discovery

My Favourite Object
Joseph Schiro'

A glass bottle belonging to a Knight
Norman Wilson uncovers the history of a short-neck glass bottle currently in the MUZA Collection

Louis Finson's Mary Magdalene in Ecstacy
Keith Sciberras, Lisa Xuereb, Roderick Abela

The Cover

A subject index to the illustrations in Treasures of Malta, Vol, XXIII
Paul Xuereb

Index: Treasures of Malta, Vol. XXIII


Cultural Calendar
Cecilia Xuereb

Valletta International Baroque Festival 

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