Celebrating 200 Years of Schranz

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Title Celebrating 200 Years of Schranz 
Authors Various 
Date 2017 
Pages 368 
ISBN 978-99909-3-222-5
Price € 95


Foreword: The Indefatigable Schranz Artists (p.v)
Giovanni Bonello

Four Generations of Schranz Artists (p.1)
Joan Consiglio Schranz and John J. Schranz

The Mediterranean in the Early 19th Century: Beyond the Grand Tour (p.19)
Sarah Searight

Historical, Artistic and Cultural Context at Anton Schranz’s Arrival in Menorca (p.29)
Cristina Andreu Adame, Museu de Menorca

Anton Schranz (1769–1839): From revolution to revolution (p.59)
John J. Schranz

European Artist-Travellers to Greece in the 18th and 19th Centuries: Visitors to a utopic domain (p.105)
Fani-Maria Tsigakou

Antonio Schranz’s Wanderlust: Looking for his tracks in the sands of many deserts (p.135)
John J. Schranz

Across Cultures: Joseph Schranz and his associates in mid-19th-century Constantinople (p.185)
Briony Llewellyn

Anton Schranz: A passage to Malta (p.251)
Christian Attard

Giovanni Schranz (1794–1882): A biography (p.281)
Albert Ganado

The Chine-collé Lithographs of the Schranz Artists (p.339)
Joseph Schirò

Index (p.349)

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