FPM Publication: Trevelyan and Fedden - Encounters with Malta and Gozo by Lawrence Pavia

Title Trevelyan and Fedden: Encounters with Malta and Gozo 
Author Lawrence Pavia 
Date 2018 
Pages 381 + xxx  
ISBN 978-99909-3-226-3
Price € 98


Foreword by Philip Trevelyan (p.vii)
Preface (p.ix)
Acknowledgements (p.xv)
Abbreviations (p.xix)
List of Works: Chapters 1-8 (p.xxi)

Chapter 1
The Allure of Malta’s Landscape (p.1)

Chapter 2
The Spirit of Time: Post-war to Independence (p.21)

Chapter 3
Trevelyan’s and Fedden’s First Encounter with Malta (p.47)

Chapter 4
Julian Trevelyan’s First Malta Suite, 1959 (p.135)

Chapter 5
Trevelyan’s and Fedden’s Paintings from 1963 (p.159) 

Chapter 6
Julian Trevelyan’s Second Malta Suite and Other Etchings (p.189)

Chapter 7
Maturing Styles: The Seventies and Beyond (p.223)

Chapter 8
Landscape with a Spirit of Time and Place: The Malta Legacy (p.255)

Julian Trevelyan
Appendix IList of Malta Etchings, Details and Specifications (p.273)
Appendix IIFirst Malta Suite, 1959 / Second Malta Suite, 1970 (p.281)
Appendix IIISketchbooks of Malta (p.287)

Mary Fedden
Appendix IVSketchbooks of Malta (p.333) 

Bibliography (p.359)

Index (p.375)

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