Vanity, Profanity & Worship

Jewellery from the Maltese Islands

Casino Maltese, Valletta

Jewellery can be a statement of many things, be it of a personal, social or financial nature. It can be rudimentary or extravagantly elaborate, but both these extremes and everything in between serve the purpose of conveying a message.

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti's exhibition, Vanity, Profanity and Worship – Jewellery from the Maltese Islands took the public on a splendid journey that weaved through the history of jewellery from prehistory to contemporary times. Set in the sumptuous surroundings of the Casino Maltese in Valletta, the exhibition featured some of the most remarkable pieces of jewellery found on our Islands.

With this exhibition FPM thematically highlighted various types of jewellery - amulets to ward off evil, the devotional and secular pieces of the 17th and 18th centuries, the local filigree work, the 19th century introduction of new materials and styles, and lastly the modern and contemporary pieces that bring us to our times. These exhibits, the majority of which hail from Maltese collections, ultimately reflect the taste of a nation.



Essays by Emmanuel Azzopardi, Marika Azzopardi, Francesca Balzan, Nicholas de Piro, Maria Concetta di Natale, Michelle Galea, Albert Ganado and Amanda Triossi. To read more click here

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