Hidden Details

A video series exploring the Gollcher Collection

Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

HIDDEN DETAILS is a series of short features is produced by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti in collaboration with Palazzo Falson. In this series, curator, museum hosts and research volunteers of the historic house museum are invited to select a curious object of their choice from the varied collections of the museum and give their insight on things that may not always be what they seem.

These features will appear weekly via our YouTube channel and social media platforms, with the aim of keeping in touch with you, at least virtually.


Martin Banks, one of Palazzo Falson's long time research volunteers, has chosen a unique document on display in the Archaeological and Documents Collections Room. He reveals interesting hidden details on ‘The Scott Document’ that represents an illustrated battle plan for the British assault landing in Aboukir Bay, in March 1801.


Museum host, Hannah Portanier, has chosen her favourite object from Olof Gollcher’s collections - a bed warmer found in the kitchen at Palazzo Falson.


Martin Banks, a long time research volunteer, explores a fascinating item found in the Dining Room at Palazzo Falson, called a Vagueno.


Maria Eileen Fsadni, one of our Museum Hosts, has dedicated the fourth feature of the series ‘Hidden Details’ to a painting by Edward Lear. This work of art, which is displayed in the Carpet Gallery at Palazzo Falson, represents a picturesque site in the North of Malta called Fomm ir-Riħ.


Martin Banks, a long time volunteer, shares some words about chairs known as Lombard Chairs which are found in the Dining Room at Palazzo Falson


Abigail Pace, one of Palazzo Falson's museum hosts, speaks about a lady’s fashion accessory called a Posey Holder which can be found in the Small Collections room at the museum.


Martin Banks, a long time research volunteers, speaks about some of the Rapiers from Olof Gollcher’s collection. These Rapiers can be found in the Armoury at Palazzo Falson.


Chantelle Debattista, one of our museum hosts, has dedicated her Hidden Details feature to a Mirror belonging to Olof Gollcher.  This mirror is found in the Sitting Room at Palazzo Falson.


Martin Banks, a long time volunteer, shares some words about the collection of Fans at Palazzo Falson. This brisé fan decorated in chinoiserie style decoration, is found in the Orientation room of the museum.


Caroline Tonna, curator at Palazzo Falson, speaks about the phenomenal collection of Venetian glassware in the dining room at the museum. The glasses are finely gilded and include the Bruno coat of arms.

Watch this space and our various social media platforms for the weekly release of Hidden Details.

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