The Notarial Archives


The Notarial Archives of Malta are an uncontested treasure, perhaps even one of the greatest treasures, of the history and patrimony of the Maltese Islands and a legacy that richly deserves to be preserved and presented to the public in an excellent manner.

The collection contained therein is unparalleled as it contains an unbroken chain of Maltese history, as documented by the various deeds, from the 15th century to present days. The story that these volumes can tell is extraordinarily wide-ranging, international in scope, cuts across all social classes, and evidences the changes that the island’s history has gone through be it social, political, artistic or economic. The width and breath of the collection is staggering, the knowledge that can be gleaned by historians, art historians, and anyone interested in practically any aspect of the past is remarkable.

The Notarial Archives Museum is a project awarded to Patrimonju Museums Operator Ltd by tender. FPM staff are working intensively on the selection of exhibits and the establishment of the narrative and flow of the Museum, while also documenting works and drawing up the future plans for the Museum.

The overall rehabilitation project will see the entire, archives and its important historic collection of notarial deeds, reflecting seven centuries of notarial activity; fully restored and reinstated in suitable conditions. A state-of-the-art paper conservation laboratory and Archives Museum will operate on the premises.

The Archives Museum which FPM is designing will be the public interface with the Archives and is intended to interpret the Notarial Archives in a manner that reaches out to the widest possible public in an engaging, educational and enjoyable way.

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