The Musical Line

The European Graduate School

The Casino Maltese

FPM and The European Graduate School collaborated with the Victor Pasmore Gallery on a lecture and performance titled The Musical Line held at The Casino Maltese.

The evening brought together Christopher Fynsk, Dean of the European Graduate School, Robert Brewer Young, luthier, and Antonin Stahley who performed on a violin by Antonio Stradivari.

The drawing and music in this performance are expressions of interconnected harmonies. Heirich Biber's Passacaglia weaves four central, descending notes on the violin into layers of proportional consonance. These have counterparts in the Euclidian composition of lines drawn on the floor. The golden ratio and the geometric section, here expressed in chalk and fundamental to architecture and design, have music in their lines and relations.

This event marked the first introduction to our next exhibition project titled IN SEARCH OF LINE, launching next Spring 2023

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